Absence & Substitute Management

Don’t let employee absences interrupt student learning. 

Studies have consistently shown that when the regular classroom teacher is absent, student learning suffers. Yet most districts continue to struggle with managing employee absences and ensuring a qualified substitute is present when necessary. 
Add to that the administrative burden of managing leave requests for all employees, tracking balances, routing approvals and more — and it's a nightmare.

With Aesop, you can easily manage employee leave and automatically schedule qualified substitutes when needed.

Key Features

Absence Creation
Teachers can enter their absences over the phone or online at any time. As soon as the absence is approved, Aesop starts searching for an available, qualified substitute. 
Substitute Placement
Substitutes can proactively search for available jobs online or by calling a toll-free number. Aesop also notifies qualified, available substitutes through automated phone calls and Jobulator, based on Aesop’s skill-matching tools and district preference lists. 
Real-Time Visibility
Always know who’s absent, why they’re out, and who is subbing for them. Plus you can always see the status of all filled and unfilled absences across each building. 
Robust Reporting
Aesop gives you instant access to the data you need in the format you need it. With Report Writer, you can drag and drop fields to create your own reports and export them into Excel and other formats. 

"I no longer worry about whether I’m going to have a substitute in a classroom on any given day. My principals know what is going on within their building — and that is critical, because it allows them to focus on the things they need to do day to day."

Doug Behnke Delaware City Schools


Save Hours Scheduling

In some districts, substitute calling is a full-time job. With Aesop, there’s no time wasted calling unavailable or uninterested subs. In fact, you don’t have to call anybody at all. Aesop does it for you. 

Reclaim District Costs

By eliminating manual sub calling and the need to pay teachers overtime for covering other classrooms, Aesop puts money back in the hands of the district.

Reduce Absenteeism

Increase teacher accountability with 24/7 real-time absence reporting, so you can limit discretionary absences and support uninterrupted education. 

Increase Your Fill Rates

Aesop has consistently boosted district fill rates — often to 100%! That means fewer students without a teacher. 

Eliminate Data Entry

When you integrate Aesop with your other systems, like payroll, HR, professional development and applicant tracking, your information gets integrated too. That means more time back and fewer mistakes. 

Go Paperless

Whether your district is trying to "go green" or you just want to clean up inefficient paper trails, Aesop can help! Aesop replaces all types of paperwork, including absence forms, sub sign-in sheets, multi-level approval forms and more.

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