The power of Aesop wherever you go.

Aesop Mobile is available for Aesop Administrators, Organization (central office) Users and Campus Users (school principals and secretaries)! 

More and more district personnel are using smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices at work every day. The new mobile-optimized Aesop website makes it easy for Aesop users to access critical features on the go from any smartphone, tablet or other internet-enabled device. Unlike an iPhone or Android-only app, the Aesop mobile site offers full access to every user, regardless of phone or tablet type!

Here are some of the things you can do with Aesop Mobile:

 - View the Daily Report
 - Cancel Absences
 - Assign Substitutes
 - Approve Absences
 - View Web Alerts

Aesop Mobile uses all the same permission settings as the full Aesop site, so users can't do anything on their mobile devices that you haven't given them permission to do already in Aesop.

Current administrative users can check out Aesop Mobile on a mobile device now by visiting

Aesop Demo

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