Time & Attendance Management

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Save time tracking down employee time.

Managing different bargaining agreements, FLSA and ACA requirements, timesheet approvals and payroll runs is complex. Complex jobs lead to errors, and too often they take time away from other important tasks. VeriTime simplifies the process.
Together with Aesop, VeriTime gives you a complete picture of employee time and attendance. With automated reporting and payroll integration, your district can reclaim time and money spent on tedious processes — to the benefit of your employees and students.

Key Features

Electronic Time Capture
Through either a web clock or electronic timesheets, districts can get off the “honor system” and accurately capture employees’ exact time, including those with multiple jobs and locations. You are in complete control of where, when and how employees track their time. Learn More 

Accurate Calculations
Built to handle the unique rules of K12 districts, VeriTime allows you to set up and manage payroll rules based on labor contracts and district policies. VeriTime then automatically applies different rules and pay rates, including comp time and exception pay, to different employee classifications. 

Easy Approval Workflow
Customize visibility and approval workflows in Timesheet Review so that each of your employees’ timesheets get routed to and reviewed by the appropriate approver. No more chasing down missing timesheets.

Payroll Integration
Hand keying payroll information is risky and error prone. With VeriTime, you can export a customized report for your payroll system, saving not just time, but an average of 1.2% in payroll errors annually.

Employee Schedules
Set up employees with schedules to calculate absence durations, district-wide events, and expected time vs. actual time worked. 

Robust Reporting
VeriTime’s real-time reporting options give you the ability to track labor expenditures, improve employee accountability and improve compliance. Learn More

"The amount of time that our supervisors now spend approving timesheets is minimal compared to what it used to be, and that alone would have been reason enough to go with VeriTime."

Gary Lambert Beekmantown Central School District


Get the Whole Picture
Aesop and VeriTime work together to track and calculate all of your substitutes’ and employees’ time at and away from your district; then they present that time in one place, with one login.  Learn More

Improve Accuracy
Capture the exact times your employees work, rather than relying on the “honor system.”

Reduce Overtime Costs
By tracking employee hours in real-time, you can address potential overtime issues before they occur.

Increase Accountability
Reduce negative behavior like tardiness, no-shows and “buddy punching” by getting real-time insights into where all your employees are — and when.

Improve Compliance
Are you prepared for an audit? VeriTime gives you the data to improve your compliance with state and federal labor laws, FLSA, FMLA, bargaining agreements, the Affordable Care Act and more, plus it can handle federal and split funding.

Eliminate Paper Timesheets
From the office to the employee to the supervisor, then back to the office, all before payroll — manually tracking time creates a long paper trail! Why not capture and approve time electronically to save hours and reduce errors?

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