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Track employee absences and secure a qualified substitute for every classroom to support uninterrupted student learning.

Track employee absences and secure a qualified substitute
  1. Quickly find the most qualified substitutes to positively impact student learning.

    When teachers are out, learning can suffer. Use skill settings, preference lists, and exclusion lists to find the substitute who is the most qualified to cover each absence.

  2. Easily manage substitute scheduling.

    Manage substitute hours to maintain compliance with labor laws and stay on top of what your district is spending on employee absences. Plus, make it easy for substitutes to accept jobs around the clock.

    Improve fill rates and ensure that absences are expertly covered by making it easy for eligible substitutes to find and accept jobs even outside of school hours with the Frontline mobile app.

  3. Engage substitutes and provide them the knowledge they need to be successful.

    Attach useful documents like lesson plans to each absence and offer online training to help your substitutes grow as effective educators.

  4. Proactively identify trends and address opportunities to improve employee attendance.

    See absence patterns and trends such as high-absence days, so you can avoid scheduling professional development on those days. Access key absence data from Frontline Central, and rest easy knowing you are properly staffed to ensure uninterrupted student learning. Manage absences on the go with the Frontline mobile app, and stay on top of absence trends and daily absence and fill rate details — from wherever you need to be.

“I’ve got hard data… I can absolutely show every school exactly how many days were missed and how much it cost us at every school, every site, each month. That is data that we have never shared with our employees and our schools before.”

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