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Frontline Technologies Acquires Special Education Administrative Software Provider Centris Group.    Read the Press Release  

K-12 Software

Absence & Substitute Management

Don’t let employee absences interrupt student learning.

Time & Attendance Management

Save time tracking down employee time.

Recruiting, Hiring & Onboarding

Find and hire great people faster.

Applicant Screening Assessments

Identify the best fit for each position.

Professional Learning Management

Foster relevant and substantive professional learning. 

Employee Evaluation Management

Give evaluation feedback that matters.

Calibration, Coaching & Collaboration

Improve teaching practice with real-life classroom video.

PL Enrollment Management

Easily manage your professional learning program online.

Employee Records Management

Manage people without the paperwork.

ETS Classroom Video Library

Authentic Classroom Videos & Clips 
On Demand.

Online Training & PD Content

Provide high-quality training at all stages of the educator lifecycle.

  • "Frontline's products help us to advance student growth by having teachers to teach, paraprofessionals to help the students, custodians to clean the floors... it all helps the students."

    Lynn Boisvert Finance and Operations, Rocky Hill Public Schools, Connecticut
  • "We love Frontline and we love that they're very customer-focused. We wish that every software company loved their customers as much as they do."

    Jennifer Polk Staffing Coordinator, Wylie ISD, Texas

About Frontline

We want to give K-12 leaders the tools they need to better support student growth. That’s why customer feedback and satisfaction drive every decision we make. We invite you to explore our culture, history and vision to get a feel for our team – but better yet, we invite you to talk to any one of our 6,000+ clients to see why they’ve chosen Frontline! 

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Department of Labor Publishes New Overtime Rules

For the past ten months, employers and HR professionals around the country have been hitting “refresh” on the Department of Labor’s website, anxious for news about overtime. The proposed changes that the department issued last summer more than doubled the salary threshold above which many white collar workers are exempt from receiving overtime pay. What will the impact be for businesses and school districts? On May 18, the final overtime rule was published, and employers finally have a clear picture of what the new overtime reality will look like — and when it will take effect. Read on to find out.
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What Does Actionable Feedback Look Like?

Imagine a world without feedback. No, seriously — try to picture an entire workday when no one receives any information about how things are going. Chefs wouldn’t be able to taste their dishes as they cooked. Pilots wouldn’t receive course corrections from air traffic controllers. You wouldn’t want to get a haircut that day. Feedback is important in all spheres of life, including — and perhaps especially — in education. But not all feedback is created equal. What does it look like to provide meaningful, actionable feedback that supports educator growth? It would be nearly impossible to make an exhaustive list of qualities feedback should have, but this is a start. Effective, actionable feedback should:
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